Emily Dudak Leiter of The Law Center, S.C., attorney and yoga teacher, spoke today about “Wellness for Attorneys” at the State Bar of Wisconsin’s virtual conference, “Trending Topics in Juvenile Justice Reform 2020.” Emily shared her techniques for staying happy and healthy while practicing children’s law. The techniques she discussed included mindfulness, meditation, Yoga, breathwork, sleep, living with gratitude and compassion, guarding your energy and time, exercise, not multi-tasking, alignment and stretching while at the computer, music and essential oils in the office, minimalism, and cleanliness, boundaries, living beneath your means, and getting out in Nature. Emily hopes to continue sharing this presentation with all sorts of lawyers and judges in Wisconsin, helping them stay healthy while they help others. The handout detailing these techniques is attached, with the hope that it can help everyone, not just lawyers, gain more control of their happiness.

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