Family Attorneys Serving Madison, WI

The best interests of the child are paramount, always. We believe children have the right to be loved, nurtured, and respected, and to be free from harm, fear, and uncertainty.

This is what drives us.

We Believe In Law With A Conscience

Before we accept a case, we ask ourselves: if we win, will it be good for the child? If the answer is yes, then we gather our resources and our team gets to work.

Families Come In Many Different Forms

Some families have one, two, or more parents. Some parents are of the same sex or gender. Some are multi-generational or not related by blood at all. To each other, they are family, and we will protect those relationships.

We Will Advocate for Your Family

From routine to complex cases, our family lawyers work as a team to achieve security for children and families. Sometimes we do this through negotiation; sometimes we do this in court. We use creativity, determination, and our decades of collective experience to help our clients.

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