LGBTQ Life and Estate Planning

Life and estate planning is recommended for every family and every individual, no matter their sexual orientation, the size of the estate, or whether they have children. However, life and estate planning is more strongly recommended for LGBTQ families, even post-marriage equality.   

The Law Center attorneys have decades of combined experience protecting LGBTQ families and individuals through the use of life and estate planning documents and contracts. Through the years, our firm has developed LGBTQ-specific versions of these documents, and we continue to recommend them even post-marriage and parentage equality. Marriage equality has not cured all. Redundancy, different layers of protection, and safety nets are key.

We are proud of the comprehensive, LGBTQ-specific documents we have developed over the years.  Properly drafted documents will help protect you and your family no matter if the law changes or if you find yourself in a discriminatory jurisdiction or court. Life and estate planning documents can also help protect the relationship between a non-biological parent and their child, until a parentage or adoption order is obtained, and after such a court order is entered, they reinforce the legal relationship between the non-biological parent and the child.

There are also marriage-based tax planning devices available to LGBTQ families after the marriage equality cases of 2014 and 2015. Our firm helps families navigate these new benefits of marriage within their estate plan, and can even help prepare your tax returns and amend past returns if advisable.