Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is when parents or other caretakers of children agree to have the court appoint a neutral third party, usually an attorney, to help the parties comply with court orders.

Parent Coordination can also help the parties to make timely decisions in a manner consistent with the best interests of the children, to reduce the amount of conflict to which the children are exposed, and to diminish the pattern of re-litigation of child related issues.

The people who can benefit most from Parent Coordination are those with a pattern of high conflict and/or litigation about their children. A Parent Coordinator is often vested with the authority to make such decisions and to break impasses, if the parents or caretakers cannot agree. While the hope is that the Parent Coordinator’s decision is respected and adhered to by both parents, either party may request that the court review the Parent Coordinator’s decision.

Attorney Sara Vanden Brook has experience in Parent Coordination on both sides: she has been appointed Parent Coordinator in some cases; and she has served as the attorney for parties who have agreed to a Parent Coordinator in their case.

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