Child Custody, Placement, And Support

The best interests of the child are at the forefront of this practice area and of our entire firm. We believe that the best interests of the child must be paramount, always, no matter what is happening with the adults around them.

Caring Child Custody Attorneys Serving Madison and Oregon, Wisconsin

We believe children have the right to be loved, nurtured, and respected, and to be free from harm, fear, and uncertainty. This is what drives us. This is why we started this firm.

Legal custody refers to major decision-making authority for the child, such as choice of school, choice of doctor, medical decisions, what religion the child will practice (if any), whether a child can get a driver’s license, get married, or join the Armed Services before the child turns 18. The law presumes that parents will be able to make such decisions together, but there are cases in which sole custody is warranted.

Physical placement refers to who is physically taking care of the child and when, i.e., the parenting or placement schedule. There is no presumption regarding how much time each parent should have with a child. Rather, the law requires courts to maximize placement time with both parents, considering each’s schedules and the best interests of the child.

Child support refers to the legal obligation all parents have to provide financially for the children until age 18. The amount of support that is ordered will vary from case to case, depending on income, number of children, and the placement schedule.

As experienced negotiators and litigators, and perhaps just as important, as parents, our team is ready to advocate for you and your child. We will help you protect that most precious relationship.

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